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CTLX is coming to town!

July 25, 2008

I have not posted for a while – I suppose non dance things took over.

But today I am excited. CTLX 2008 starts in a few hours! I am part of the CT scene and this is our biggest event of the year. It seems an ideal point to revive my blog.

For months, we have prepared – found bands, DJs, hosts, venues, dealt with paperwork, created websites, bombarded dance forums with posts, and heck – personally traveled to dance events all over and literally handed people little cards advertising CTLX! And folks are coming – from 18 states, 4 countries: woot!

I can’t wait for each dance to be a success. I am looking forward to dancing with a whole ton of people that are coming. Me and my apartment might be hosting at least three dance friends.

On a personal level, I shall be one of the featured DJs. I have DJed at local dances and for a workshop weekend, this is the first time I am DJing at an exchange. This means I get to DJ alongside several national and regional favorites. It’s going to be fun seeing how all our sets meld together to make entire dances. I am going to enjoy seeing how each DJ handles his/her set at different dances – what they play in the evening, at late nights and at afternoons, how they perceive the energy from the dancers, take it and accordingly play songs to keep folks going and keep them excited about dancing, how they keep a flow going not just within their set but with other DJs. I want to see what songs they play – will they be new stuff I’ve never heard before, will it be a lot of good old favorites?  How will they mix them up?

I have definitely given thought to what I might want to play, how to be prepared for what mood the dancers would be in, how to keep a flow going, how to play off with other DJs. It’s going to be good – I’ll report on it.

For now, the CTLX cometh!


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