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CTLX 2008!

July 28, 2008

CTLX 2008 just ended – and it was absolutely fantastic! There might be a bit of a self congratulatory bias in that assessment but I believe most folks had a great time. I am going by numerous facebook status and google chat status messages that state the attendees’ contentment from the exchange!

As an organizer, I had my doubts:how many people will attend, how they would respond to the venues and music, will each dance have its own energy? Will people have fun? Thankfully, it all worked out quite well.

We started with The Fried Bananas playing for the Friday evening dance at St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, CT. The dance space was beautiful with a really good floor. Despite them being a Boston based band that has played in several local and regional events, somehow I always end up missing the dances where they have played at. They have a really nice, clean lounge/hip-swing feel to them. They seemed technically sound and did not compromise on having a definite swing in their sound. After my initial apprehensions as to how the dance was going wore down, I relaxed and had several fun dances. It was really good to see some old friends I had not for a while and met some awesome new folks.

After the dance many folks went to the Athenian diner near the late night venue to grab a bite before the late night. The DJs at the late night did their bit really well. My friend Camille started the late night, continuing with swingy tunes before the blues/groove/soul mix took over for the rest of the night. I did not dance much that night – I was very tired from it being Friday night and from all the organizing.

The Saturday afternoon dance was a concern of ours: we thought nobody would show up – and the dance did start slow. But the venue was packed by the time I was into my set – the second set of the afternoon, despite it being really sweltering! The music flow was good, in my opinion: Camille and I had the first two sets. I concentrated on playing high energy, not necessarily fast paced stuff. Meghan mellowed it in her set while keeping to swing stuff and all this set it up perfectly for Loreto’s set- who took us home with a good mix of bluesy, groovy and funky stuff. On a personal level, I think it was this dance where I danced hard and found my own dance mojo back!

My guests and I returned to Norwalk – we picked up Rendang curry from my favourite Indonesian-Chinese place and napped before heading over for the evening dance. Solomon Douglas and his quintet were playing that night. I really enjoyed dancing to the band, although later some folks told me they thought the music was below par. I didn’t quite notice that and had some great dances. I was especially happy with surprise out of town visitor friends who came up for Saturday! The late night was a bit low energy for me: I was exhausted, so I went to the dance but kept it low key.

The Sunday afternoon and evening dances were at the African American center at Yale, and were also dances the organizing committee had feared would be poorly attended. But they were packed too – especially the afternoon one and I had a particularly satisfying DJ set myself. The crowd kept the energy up for the entire afternoon. The dancers and DJs fed off each other’s energy and over all it was a great dance! The evening was similar with obviously thinner attendance but there was still fantastic dancing to be had.

Between the two dances was a highlight of the event: a group of us went to a favorite Malaysian restaurant for dinner and were dismayed to find there were no bananas at the restaurant, and hence we could not have fried bananas for dessert. My friend Chandra promptly dashed to her car, found some bananas and the restaurant folks were cool enough to take them and prepare delicious fried bananas for us!

We’re already looking forward to CTLX 2009! All in all, it was a ton of fun. There was good dancing, I got to meet and befriend several dancers, there was good dining/socializing with my guests and other friends. Good times!


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