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The Blue Moon Ball – part 1

January 27, 2010

It has been so very long since I blogged about anything regarding dancing. But we recently had a fantastic dance event happen in CT in which I was very actively involved, so this event seems as good an excuse as any to resume blogging.

Hartford Underground organized the Blue Moon Ball on Jan 23, 2010. The dance had so many things that could go well, and not only did most of them go well, it was the manner in which they went well that was so pleasing.

This dance was the first major one they put on, and they decided to bring in the Boilermaker Jazz Band for it. This turned out to be a great move. The band is a big name – many dancers, from several states turned up. The Boilermakers are one of my all time favorite jazz bands to dance to. They have such an authentic vintage sound, yet they do never sound dated. They always sound so professional and so tight. They absolutely killed it that night – I saw dancer after dancer go up to them and thank them and rave about what a good time they were having. I saw dancers both experienced and inexperienced enjoying themselves so much that they stayed till the very end, not wanting to miss a minute of the band. Not only did they stay, the dance floor was busy till the very end – all very good signs that the band and their music were a huge success. I do hope they come back sooner rather than later to a dance in CT.

The were four performances overall – two from Providence, one from New York city and one from members of Hartford Underground themselves. These were all really well received – if one goes by the resounding applause and cheers each group got. I was part of the Hartford Underground’s performance, and it being the home base – I (perhaps biased-ly) felt we got the loudest cheers!

Here are the performances:

Downcity Strutters (Providence)

Zazou Swing (Providence)

Troupe 212 (New York city)

Hartford Underground (CT)

The dance was followed by visits to a local bar – that had specials on Blue Moon and there were also not one but two late night rooms where people could keep on dancing. One was a ‘fast’ room while the other was a ‘slow’ room. We had asked eight DJs from three states to play music. Admittedly, the number of people who stayed on was much smaller. But the ones that stayed, stayed late into the night and danced to the great tunes the DJs played.

All in all, it was a very successful event. I do hope the energy created by this dance stays on in CT – we definitely need it! The scene has slowly been flagging in energy but there are sure signs of a revival and like I said I do hope this event provides a good impetus forward.

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