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Dhruv Bhargava

I have been learning, dancing, playing music for and generally loving Lindy Hop (and what I consider as dance forms closely related to it) since 2005. I thought it was now the time to blog my thoughts on the dance. The hope is that I can focus my thoughts on the art form, its history, the actual aesthetics of the dance, the music better this way. The other hope is that I can track my own personal adventures and growth as a dancer.

I am originally from Delhi, India, but presently live in the US. I am hopelessly addicted to Lindy hop, and its music and general culture. Sometimes wonder how it came to be so – especially since I had not heard absolutely any jazz, blues, gospel or soul or even knew what ‘swing’ meant before the summer of 2004.

But addicted I am, and can be found at the regular dances at Vinnie’s Jump’N’Jive , Yale Swing and Blues and at the Hartford Underground. I am also a regular DJ at these and other venues in CT and in New York city. I also help various dance organizations in CT get in touch with many excellent swing dance bands.

I can be contacted for DJing or for swing dance info in CT at dhruv2003 at gee mail dotcom.

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